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Copy Trade

HFcopy is a powerful solution which automates trading for traders who wish to get access to the vibrant trading world but never had the time to do so before. No matter how confident someone is about trading, they can become Followers, copy a strategy and start learning.

Moreover, anyone who decides to become a Follower can invest funds under HFcopy, having full control of his own account, and will be able to deposit & withdraw as well as close trades as desired, and much more.

Cara Copy Trade Forex

How Much Can I Earn With Copy trade trading?

Estimated earnings from a  $1000 capital deposit with the recommended broker is from 5% up to 30% per month

Note: Forex trading is not guaranteed. What we say above is just an estimate based on our performance with our own account trading.

Here is the step by step how to open a broker account and copy trade and PAMM account.

Step 1
Here are the steps you should follow to get started!

 1. Sign up from the banner below. Make sure to click on this banner and then the “sign up” button in order to fill out your information or click the link here to signup and put my referer ID 300479

2. Fund the account Minimum of USD1000 to start copy trade.